Thinking out Loud About Templates

I spend a lot of time thinking about EnViNovel, but most of my thoughts end up in notepads, in text files and on post-its (Whenever I work on a project like this my desk just starts filling up with post-its). So I thought I might be a little more vocal about some things I’m thinking of every now and again.

I think the idea I came up with for templates has probably ended up being more versatile than I originally expected it to. I realised that all the functions in the scene object can actually be done by changing the scene template. That got me thinking that I should make it possible for every object except for chapters to be defined in the template (even variables) to allow for further separation of the “code” from the novel script.

On a related note I was thinking that I want to reduce the use paired brackets or similar structures to reduce the risk of errors from missing matching brackets. Removing the amount of function calls needed would be a good start for this (Which the template would allow). But secondly the way functions are called could be modified to not use brackets (Or possibly be smart enough to handle missing brackets gracefully). I have a couple of ideas how to go about this, but it might confuse people who are already familiar with programming to learn a new structure for calling functions and passing parameters, so I’ll do some more thinking on this idea

One final thought is that I might change the way templates handle values which are detected based on their type. Rather than basing them on their type I might have a prefix/type that is declared before the name. The reason for this is that it would make the templates easier to read.
E.g. sprite hat= fileName
Now that I look at it it kind of makes it look like a declaration for a statically typed programming language. Maybe I’ll make it possible, but optional.

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