Some of my old Photoshop Work

I have a few pictures on hand of some Photoshop work I did, so I decided I would write a little post about it.

I’ll start off with my proudest piece. Back in my days of studying product design we were given the task of drawing a watch in illustrator and rendering it in Photoshop. Me being the anime fan I am, and because I had kind of a thing for pocket watches I decided to do a rendering of the FullMetal Alchemist pocket watch. It took me an incredibly large amount of hours because I put so much effort into it. In the end I left out some details form the side view, but at that stage I think I did more than enough to impress. If you look very closely you will see that there are even shadows under the watch hands.


FullMetal Alchemist Pocket Watch Rendering


Now because I started off with that the next ones will seem a little less impressive… but here was an example of me photoshopping something from one photo into another. I remember when I did this I showed it to somebody and asked if they knew what was photoshopped in. They said it was very obvious… followed by answering wrong. The 2 birds were photoshopped in. The reflections were created by duplicating the image, giving it some opacity and swooshing over it with the smudge tool.


An example of photoshopping something from one photo into another.


I don’t have the raw file for this marketing board n my current computer, but luckily somebody posted this picture of it up on presentation day. This actually my final year project from college. I had so much stuff go wrong with that project overall, but I suppose you learn more from making your mistakes, and I made plenty of mistakes to learn from. TO this day I am constantly given inspiration of how I could have done that project better.
That presentation board was made before the final product was complete, so I photoshopped it up using a 3D model I made in solidworks.


My Final Year Proejct Display

If you’re curious about the product it’s a device which will allow you to carry a projector and several pieces of equipment easily. The idea is that all the equipment would be wired up together so all you would need to do afterwards is plug them in once you get to your destination. It was actually a really tough project to work on because the requirements I got from my research were really difficult to implement in a realistic way, but I accomplished it in the end.


Next is a very simple image. I was working as part of a team to design pet products and I designed this logo for them. It’s actually made simply by drawing 5 black circles and 1 white one to give an image resembling a paw.


A Pet Product Logo


I have one more picture on hand but it’s so cringe that I’m not sure if I should really post it. I probably have lots more on my old computer if I waited until I got to that to show you something. So let’s play a game of “Spot all the things wrong with this picture!”. Firstly I have a major problem that the top image is upside down. Or maybe I should just pretend that the top picture is a left hand and the bottom is a right. Secondly the shadows are very wrong. Then thirdly it simply doesn’t look real enough. Though I am actually very proud of that actual product because it’s pretty clever.


An Adjustable Wrist Brace I Designed

If you’re wondering what the product is, it’s a wrist brace. A requirement of the brace was that it had to be possible to adjust it between being straight and being at 20 degrees. At the end of my design process I came up with a very simple solution. I made it so that the brace was reversible. one side the brace was straight, and if you turned it upside down the brace was at 20 degrees. No complicated mechanics.


And unfortunately I’ll have to end it there. I should have a lot more pictures, but I don’t have access to them currently. These are ones which were online in various places, but I might have the rest of them on an old laptop somewhere.