Quick updates about EnViNovel

First piece of news is that I have actually been doing a little bit of coding for the project, but I haven’t uploaded any of it because it’s basically just little bits and pieces of prototyping to help me figure out what I want to do, also the code I have done is already outdated which leads on to my second point.

The second piece of news is that I’ve had some pretty major inspiration about how to make EnViNovel easier to use. I was worried that the functional part of creating visual novels was starting to look a bit too complex for non programmers. I have now thought up a way of handling functions in a more human readable way, while giving the option to make more complex functions for people who are better with code. (Also I have gotten rid of any paired brackets like I was talking about in my previous thinking out loud post). Related to that I thought there were too many start of line tags which might confuse people. I have essentially reduced that number.

This means that right now the wiki is pretty out of date, so I’ll update it when I get a chance and when I refine these new ideas, but I might start using the wiki to represent what has already been coded as opposed to what I intend to have, because as I keep progressing with the project I will inevitably think of other improvements and changes.

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