What is enciorcal?

Enciorcal is the name I give to the the group I develop projects under. Whether I develop them by myself or as a group I’ll develop them under the name enciorcal.


What kind of projects does enciorcal work on?

Honestly we could work on anything, there is no real limit. I have experience in design, software engineering, running web sites, running clubs and running large scale events. In future any of these things could be under the name of enciorcal. (Or even something completely different)


Where does the name come from?

The group started out developing a small game called RepAIr (sooner or later I’ll probably detail it on this site). In Japan doujin game groups call themselves “circles”, so after playing with words for a while I came up with the name enciorcal. “En” is the Japanese word for circle. “Ciorcal” is the Irish word for circle (The initial members of enciorcal are all from Ireland). The two of them put together kind of resemble the English word “encircle”. Technically “ciorcal” is supposed to be pronounced kind of like “kirkle”, but we usually pronounce “enciorcal” the same as “encircle”.


How can I get involved with enciorcal?

One way would be to check out my projects on github and see how you can contribute. Alternatively you can try dropping me an e-mail.