Category: EnViNovel


EnViNovel Reader might be made with HTML5

Something I’ve been thinking for a while is that it might be better to make the reader as a HTML5 application for better cross platform support. I’ve actually been toying with a practice/prototype project...


Quick updates about EnViNovel

First piece of news is that I have actually been doing a little bit of coding for the project, but I haven’t uploaded any of it because it’s basically just little bits and pieces...


Thinking out Loud About Templates

I spend a lot of time thinking about EnViNovel, but most of my thoughts end up in notepads, in text files and on post-its (Whenever I work on a project like this my desk...


EnVN project renamed to EnViNovel

A minor update. While trying to think of a better name I have decided to rename EnVN to EnViNovel (pronounced “Envy Novel”). It’s still an abbreviation of Enciorcal Visual Novel, but now it isn’t...


The Start of the EnVN Project

Before I say anything else, I still have a lot of work to do on this website. I just quickly cobbled together the way it looks now. Part of the reason I haven’t been working...

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